Saturday, February 28, 2009

We Are Home!!!!!

Recasted ready to come home! (They needed to split his casts after surgery due to swelling in his legs)
Calling Papa to tell him he was coming home!!!

And boy does it feel great!!!! Mostly just to have this behind us. First let me thank everyone for their PRAYERS, phone calls, text messages, emails, surprise dinner from Heather and awesome support. Without a doubt, it was not only necessary but greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you Annie for doing such a good job keeping everyone updated. For the most part everything was accurate, but she was having to decipher through tears and fast talking. Thank you!

Yes, Bryson's surgery was such a success that the doctor told me the entire surgical team cheered when the surgery was complete. Yes, we are disappointed about the broken tibia, but know that his bones were soft from being in casts for so long and it didn't take much for it to break. This could make the recovery time stretch out, but it would only be one leg casted after six weeks.

Yes, NO pins were used so that means no bones were cut to make room. He did have deteriorated tendons removed, but didn't have the tendon shortening done that the doctor thought was inevitable. That was incredible news.

His skin is not exactly open right now. It is loosely closed. There is a high risk for it to split open from the pressure. There is a high risk for infection, but he was on IV antibiotics for 24 hours as a preventative. There is also a risk that the skin will not be ready for the next procedure on March 10th. If that is the case, then he will go back to serial casting until his feet can be in the right position. This would be a huge disappointment. We will not know until the 10th.

So on March 10th, Bryson will go back to the operating room. The goal is to manipulate the feet into the perfect position they were able to achieve yesterday, but couldn't hold there due to the skin being too tight. They will take molds of his legs for his AFO's (leg braces). If all goes as planned, he will go back in four weeks, get his casts off and into his braces.

For right now, I am focused on his skin healing and getting him ready for the 10th!

I will post later about the emotional roller coaster that we were on Friday morning and how God truly interceded! I am grateful for our awesome doctor. I am thankful that we allowed him to operate on him. I am also convinced that there were so many people praying for him that is the reason the surgery was such a success. Thank you!!!!


Lori said...

Oh Sally I'm so glad to hear that everything is good and that you are home!! You must feel such a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Those pictures of Bryson as precious!! He looks so happy! What a cute little guy and what a blessing he is to your family. Wow, God is so cool, huh?!!

I will continue to pray for healing and that no infections come close to that sweet boy.

Keep us updated!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome bright yellow casts! You are a very brave little boy. I can't wait to see your straight, beautiful feet.


Lois O'Brien said...

What a precious smile! Give that boy an extra hug from a family who has been down this road before--and here is a special hug for the great parents too! :)


Jodi said...

It is really great to see him with a smile again. I've been thinking about him a great deal hoping he is happy and doing well. Thanks to God! How encouraging to his doctors also!

Annie said...

Yay! So glad you guys are home on your turf and now we have these things to be praying for!! What a joy to see his smiling face! Thank you Jesus!

Mom Of Many said...

Such a sweetie - and we are thrilled he is home - praying now that God will continue to heal his precious little legs...

Much love from Colorado!!

Christine said...

So glad to hear he is home!

jenn said...

So happy he is home. Now the healing can really begin! You always heal and feel so much better when in the confort of your own home, surrounded by your family. Prayers going out to you, your family, and the Doctors who did such an awesome job!

gloria said...

Sally!!! I had forgotten about this blog!!!! Oh my! I wish I had remembered a few days ago!!
Rejoicing that bryson's surgery went well and that he is coming home! Praise God! We prayed for him all weekend and at church on Sunday!
I will go an read all your posts now and catch up, but just wanted you to know how very happy I am to hear of the successfull surgery!!!

Praise God!


Stefanie said...

Wooohoooo!! SO glad to hear Bryson did SO WELL in the surgery! Praise God!!
Praying for a quick recovery for your sweet boy :)