Monday, April 20, 2009

And They Are Off!!!!

I am ready! Let's get on with the show!
All my old peeps were so excited to see my feet they each took a leg!
Momma couldn't wait to hold me and touch my skin!!!
I am free!!!!
Both boys happy!

We are back home with NO casts first time in 126 days, almost 4.5 months!!! The day could not have gone uneventful though, a few snags along the way. I will post more with pictures about that later. For now just enjoy what you have been waiting to see!

Giving Thanks!


Tracy said...

Oh my goodness we are so excited here in Arizona!!! Way to go Bryson, I bet he feels like a brand new man. WHOO HOO. Ok, so not to sound dumb, but how long will it be before he is walking on his own now? Or has he already started? Im sure he maybe has some rehab to go through? We are so happy for your blessings.

Joan (Nana) said...

Tks for sharning such a special day with your peeps. Bryson is just a trooper. Looking for more progress to come. God is Good.

Karen said...

Praise God!!!!!!! Just look at those beautiful feet. Looking at his straight feet pointing outward (now) and his "before" pictures what a difference!!! Can his smile get any bigger?!! Dad's either?:-) It's an amazing day and a day to rejoice.

I bet he takes numerous baths over the next few days. It has got to feel good just to soak in the warm water! I am sure he loves being able to sit in the water. I pray his feet get desensitized quickly and that he continues to progress.

Don't forget the "after" photo of his feet so all can see how great his feet look compared to before casting!!

Anonymous said...

His feet are beeeeeuuuuuutiful! And everyone looks so happy. Shriner's sure did a great job. I'm so proud of all of you. What a great day!


scrappy quilter said...

Praise the Lord. I'm doing a happy dance here. It's so good to see those casts off. Hugs..

Melody said...

Those pictures just brought tears to my eyes!! I am so so happy for Bryson!!!

gloria said...

Yeah, bryson!!! So happy for him!!!!


ps. sally you look so young girl! No way you could be my age. < wink> I was born in '68 so you can do the math. :)