Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Already Happening Again!

I just can't even believe I am typing this post just two weeks after having his last casts removed. I even thought about not posting, but that is what I have been doing all week as my gut has been telling me something is not right with Bryson's right foot. I guess I was hoping if I didn't mention it, it would all go away. I am feeling like people in bloggy land are simply not going to believe all this drama. Guess proof is in the photo below; doesn't take an expert to see his heel doesn't look right!

Bryson's pain has been increasing so much so that last night we had to give him left over tylenol and codeine from his surgery. His foot is increasingly becoming more difficult to put into his nighttime brace. He cried very hard last night after finally getting it in. After school today his teachers told me that he was crying and complaining at school of his foot hurting. He favors it and doesn't want to bear weight on it.

I sent photos including this one to our Dr in St. Louis. He emailed back confirming my suspicion that Bryson's foot is already starting to turn in at the heel. He is going to call me with a game plan on what we do next. I know that time is of the essence. We may end up back at Shriners in Sacramento this week just to get his right leg recasted so we can keep it from turning more until we can come up with a plan that lasts longer than two weeks!

If anything this allows me to give more grace to the Dr. in Sacramento since one of the leading older child clubfoot Dr's is having problems keeping Bryson's foot corrected. It also makes me realize that we do need to be working with a top doctor in the field as Bryson's case has proved to be anything BUT typical!!

Robert and I are hoping that there may be a way the two doctors can collaborate together so we do not need to fly back and forth to St Louis right now. Of course all of this comes to light on a Friday afternoon! Makes for a fun nerve-racking weekend!

Edited: Wonderful St Louis Dr has already emailed back saying he is out of town and will be contacting me via the phone first thing Monday morning to set up a plan for Bryson. While I am excited to know he is on top of this, I am sick to my stomach that it has once again come to this. I honestly feel that Bryson will eventually have to have the additional tendon surgery with 6-8 weeks of casting. I am just hoping we can prolong it and give him some free time from surgeries and more casting. With that said, I will not be surprised in the least if Bryson is not recasted next week.

I will enjoy this weekend with my family!!!


Anonymous said...

These things always happen on Fridays.

Connor's right foot has always been at a little bit of an angle, while the left foot is perfectly straight.

I'm praying for you all.


Lori said...

Oh Sally! My heart sank when I saw that picture. I'm so sorry. That sweet, sweet boy has been through so much...and now this.

Please know that I am praying.

scrappy quilter said...

Awe Sally, I'm sorry this is all happening again. I'll continue to pray for your little man and for the doctors as well. Hugs.

Karen said...

So sorry. My heart goes out to Bryson dealing with all of this (and you guys too). His foot looks so much better than it did when he came home, the doctors just need to get that last little bit to stay corrected.

Mandi said...

Oh, poor Bryson, he has been through so much already. I will be praying for Bryson and you as a gaime plan is decided.
My heart just aches for him.


McNew Family said...

SO sorry :-( I hope the game plan is a good one - that sweet boy needs it!!!

J Studio said...

Okay.... that is difficult news for Bryson fans. We will be praying that there is peace, a solution, and He would guide your decisions. We are thinking of you and your family.....

Mom Of Many said...

I am just so sad for B & u...ugh. I am praying! I also think it would be best if you guys moved near us so we could have the boys commiserate together....whatcha think? Should we schedule a trip for you to check the area out? Okay, good.
Much love, Me xo

Jean said...

Oh Sally- I am so sorry- ugh. You guys need a break from all of this and here it is creeping back into your life. Poor Bryson- he has really had to deal with a lot.

Honestly Sally- it is so good he is home. In Ch*na his condition would have deteriorated and his life would not have been good. He would have had no future. Now he has a loving wonderful family and life- filled with challenges but with a family that is giving him the best care!

Bless you sweet friend! We'll be prayin...

Nan and Dan said...

so sorry my heart is breaking for you all, but especially for Bryson.
How do you possibly explain it to him. hugs to you all :)