Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good News Dr. Appt!!

Cousin on left is 2 years 8 months younger than Bryson.
Cousin on right is 4 months older than Bryson.
Great things come in small packages.

Bryson had his appointment with the specialist today and all went well. The doctor had to be one of the nicest we have ever met. He was fascinated with how Bryson could walk with his hips out of the sockets. This is not a common thing doctors other than orthos encounter.

Bryson is now at 30 pounds and 37 inches. He has gained 2 pounds in two months and has grown one inch. (All since I did the elimination diet, but don't tell the doctors that!) Anyhooooo, the specialist believes that Bryson's Failure to Thrive is GONE. Yes out of here!!!!!!

He does not believe that Bryson has anything else wrong with him except that he spent almost 5 years of his life in an orphanage with untreated arthrogryposis and other issues that caused his skeletal system to shut down. He believes the snake worm was an infection ravaging his body.

He believes now that he is getting proper medical care and nutrition he is going to be just FINE!!!!! No speculation at this point regarding his potential size. Dr. does feel like Bryson will catch up to his chronological age within two years. We will follow up in four months.

Nicest part of the day was when we went to leave, the doctor commented on how well Bryson is loved and attached to us. Our response, "He may be a little guy, but he has a mighty ways to make you fall in love!"


Tammy said...

Wow!!! Hurray!! That's GREAT news. Just in time for Thanksgiving...something extra special to be thankful for!

Lori said...

Oh Sally, what wonderful news!!! I'm so happy! What a great way to start your THANKSgiving holiday! Much to be thankful for, for sure!

Mom Of Many said...

Yippee Jesus for the good news!! That's awesome! And so wonderful that you met the kindest doc ever...he must be related to Dr. Hatch! Happy Thanksgiving VT!! Love you bunches!! PS My family loves the gift! So sweet!! xo PSS Tell you-know-who we said Happy Thanksgiving too!!

Ann said...

I know this makes your mama heart soar! Great news!

Jean said...

How wonderful to hear good news!! I like this Dr. already!! You are such a great Mom to this special guy and to all you kids!

What a relief there is not more going on! Thank you Jesus!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Annie said...

Amen and Yes Lord!!! Great news!! Keep up the good work mama! The Lord will guide you in what Bryson needs!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!!! Now this news is something to be THANKFUL for!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Love, Switz & Mike

scrappy quilter said...

What wonderful news. Thank you Jesus!! Hugs

Karen said...

Praise God for the wonderful news!!!

Anonymous said...

What good news, and what a nice answer to prayer.


bytheriver said...

Hello: Good News for Bryson! I was curious about your elimination diet reference and went back to read it. I don't know what part of China Bryson is from? While our child has been declared fine by her doctor since we got her - things are not fine - we may finally have determined what her doctor cannot and it may help you too.

First the doc did not want to test for Giardia - she had it. Then another specialist suggested TB test again 1.5 years after coming home - it was positive. After treatment things got better, but dd still had almost daily abdominal pain.

dd has alpha thalassemia trait
dd is lactose intolerant

I think you have accounted for these in your evaluation.

I believe dd is G6pd deficient - her symptoms all fit - even the dire ones. I found translated chinese studies that identify the fact that girls will test negative for G6pd and can still have it.

Boys are easier to test for it, so you might want to, especially now that you are on the elimination diet. Note garbonzo beans - all legumes are a potential problem.

Since we changed dd's diet to remove all G6pd triggers, on mama's recommendation when the docs were non-responsive and I have found out that G6pd is in fact prevalent in south china, dd has found energy reserves that I had no idea were there - she doesn't complain of stomach pain any longer, has had no bouts of extreme tiredness or feeling bad. She is the energizer bunny compared to before. She has gained over 3 lbs in the past 5-6 months her diet has been changed and grown an inch or so. She is in the bottom 3% for height in southern chinese girls. G6pd is necessary to convert food to energy - thus the lack of energy. Also, if you are deficient and eat foods that are triggers, you get hemolytic anemia - blood cells breaking down all over the place causing serious problems, potentially death.

We were also trying to feed our dd a good diet. Thus the organic soy breakfast bars and all the other "healthy" legumes. Without them she is a changed child - so happy, so healthy.

We got the test results back this week that disprove her doctors theory that she has food allergies - she has none, including to soy or peanuts.